Rain blanket for Model T

The rain blanket for Model T is made to keep the passengers warm and dry when it is windy, rainy or chilly. It is designed perfectly to fit around the foot tray, which makes it very warm. No wind or rain can slip through the blanket. It is easily mounted on and around the foot tray and both fixed to the foot tray and the arm rests. By having both the rain blanket and the Model T hood mounted, the passengers are protected almost completely from rain. The blanket is made of fleece which makes the blanket warm and soft, and heavy duty 400 denier colourfastness polyester which is UV resistant and has a PU coating giving a durable water-repellent and flexible fabric.

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, SPS Blue

Made of

Durable water repellent polyester 400 D with PU coating