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Option – midDrive Pro X8

With midDrive Pro, we strive to offer a combination of the best technology and the most powerful center motor for the Christiania bike. midDrive Pro consists of selected components from the Shimano STEPS series, including the SW-E7000 buttons, the 504WH BTE8010 downtube battery, the SC-E6100 cycling computer and the E6100 engine unit. In addition, the system is integrated with a powerful LED front and rear light, which you can turn on and off directly from the display.

midDrive Pro is especially intended to be used for heavy loads and in hilly terrain. For that reason the midDrive Pro includes the Sram X4 with 8 external gears and a hydraulic rear brake with a 203mm disc. midDrive Pro can provide up to 60Nm and has a range of 40 – 60 km per charge. The battery has been developed in collaboration with Sony and contains Sony’s most advanced battery cells, which can handle up to 1,000 charges without significant power loss. The battery recharges quickly and can be charged while it is mounted on the bike.

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